PBB is a process that serves to clarify what a community’s or organization’s priorities are. From there, this process provides a pathway that enables the user to accomplishe a clear alignment between spending and priorities. 

And subsequently, the process points to additional initiatives that a community or organization can take that achieves even more effective allocations of limited resources. 

Additionally, the use of PBB transforms heated political discussions into productive, and even enlightened, collaborations on how a community or organization can best achieve the priorities that its policy-makers support. (In an era of partisan divisions that hinder progress, PBB offers a different way and one that takes advantage of the views and values of the entire policy leadership bodies.)

Suffice it to say that PBB offers the user enormous advantages over commonly used budget processes in effect today.

The Institute’s value proposition is simple. In return for our services, the user acquires a body of knowledge that:

  • Opens up opportunities for substantial budget savings,
  • Enables harmony among and across the policy making bodies and professional staff, and
  • Provides new and innovative ways to further advance a community or organization.  

PBBi also increases the personal standing of its users given the value of our soon to be developed credential.  The credential will confirm the course graduate has achieved a specific level of PBB knowledge.