Welcome to Priority Based Budgeting Institute



Whether you are new to Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) or a veteran in its use, we appreciate your interest in this powerful process. At its essence, PBB is a process that aligns spending with priorities.  It's about gaining community consensus of its overarching priorities and then aligning the spending on the community's programs with those priorities.    

The logic and attraction of a scalable and replicable process that actually accomplishes this has quickly led to a rapidly expanding movement.  PBB has been adopted by nearly 200 local government organizations, of widely varying sizes, in just a few years. We welcome you to this exciting and cutting-edge movement.

Our Institute was created to train you in PBB and the ways it can be applied.    

If you are new to this powerful methodology, Priority Based Budgeting Institute will teach you how to use the PBB tools so that you can accomplish priority based program spending.  For those who have already achieved the transformation to PBB, we also offer advanced training.  This training will enable you to secure meaningful fiscal benefits through the application of your PBB results.  

Please regard us as your training resource for Priority Based Budgeting and its many applications.  That's why we are here!